About Us


Charlie Lawson

Charlie Lawson National Directors

Role: National Director of BNI.  Passionate about business growth through networking and word of mouth marketing, although a completely Unnatural Networker.  The public face of BNI in the UK and Ireland, most likely to be found speaking at an event near you…

Likes: Spicy lamb chops, Walking up the steps to see the pitch at White Hart Lane, Alfa Romeos

Dislikes: Fresh coriander, Middle lane hoggers, Wasps





Tim Cook

Role: National Director of BNI. Tim is known as being a bit of a statto in BNI – he loves interpreting numbers to see how he can help our franchisees and their members to get better results.

Likes: Running, Arsenal         

Dislikes: Olives, being wrong






Jenny Tollman

Role: Operations & Finance Manager. Jenny is responsible for managing the day to day functions of the office. You should contact Jenny with any queries regarding day to day support or statistics, such as the Traffic Lights.

Likes: Spending time with my friends, Excel, Sage, shopping

Dislikes: Being told something isn’t possible, spiders







Joanne Lyons

Role: I’ve worked at the National Office since May 2007. My role here is to support all the National Office Regions, from helping with member enquiries to assisting the Directors. I also organize the Leadership Team training events and the members conferences.  I’m engaged with two beautiful sons and enjoy all things family related.

Likes: Live music, sharing good food and wine with friends, reading, luxurious bubble baths 

Dislikes: Snoring, spitting (ugh), being cold, public transport, fish served with their heads on – well any food that looks back at me, leaving the party early!! 




David O'Dell

Role: David helps members make money from their memberships by training and coaching them.

Likes: Rock & Roll

Dislikes: Heights and air travel






Kathleen Waller

Role: National Franchise Support, Complaints (my goal is to resolve the complaint so it is a win win for everyone), new member calls, office maintenance.  A very varied and busy role…

Likes: Veuve Clicquot Champagne, sunshine

Dislikes: Extreme piercings, smoking






Nicola Falconer

Role: I look after the diaries of our two National Directors arranging meetings and travel. I also help to organise our yearly events for Directors and Members.

Likes: Baking/cooking, eating at new restaurants, walking my dogs, exploring new places

Dislikes: Spiders







Lexy Oakley- Smith

Role: Assistant Accountant. I am responsible for maintaining both the sales and purchase ledger for BNI UK and Ireland. I also send out the commission statements and help prepare the accounts pack.

Likes: Chocolate Cake, exercise classes (to burn off the cake!) and numbers.

Dislikes: Shepherd's pie, cinnamon and fizzy drinks.






Georgie Waller

Role: Marketing and Communications Assistant. Within the National Office I help write our famous BNI Success Stories, I update the National website for our Regions, I help with competitions and campaigns such as Dream Destination, Pay per click campaign, Graphic Designers Logo competition etc. My role is very varied and I am constantly being given new and exciting things to do!

Likes: Summer, walking the dog, trying new things  

Dislikes: Spiders, cheese, cold weather. 




Jackie Bartlett

Role: I purchase chapter materials for the UK and Ireland webshop.  I also help organise the annual Directors’ Conference.

Likes: Holidays, springtime, dancing

Dislikes: Having my photo taken, noisy neighbours