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The BNI Foundation has been providing valuable education resources for children all over the world since 1998. Every year generous donors help many teachers and other educators buy the items they need in their classrooms that their own organisations simply cannot afford. Now the Foundation has launched in the UK - find out how you can help us improve tomorrow’s business through education today!

£2 million+ raised

We have raised over £2 Million since our inception in 1998. The BNI Foundation would like to thank everyone involved for helping us to help more children and their teachers. Your donation goes straight into the classroom!

Philanthropy is as ancient as commerce itself. History has given us countless examples of great fortunes being accompanied by great acts of generosity. The idea that we can empower our children’s future is etched in the heart of the BNI Foundation philosophy - Givers Gain®.

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The BNI Foundation is a network of companies that matches donors to member-referred organisations and charities. If you have either an organisation or a registered charity that you would like to be considered for a BNI Foundation grant, you first need to find a BNI sponsor (either a BNI member or a BNI Group).

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The BNI Foundation is a donor-advised fund and no administration fees are ever taken from our members’ donations and our contributions to teachers go straight into the classrooms.

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"I was able to provide leveled readers with my Givers Gain® Grant which allows my students to advance quickly and become proficient in reading at or above their grade level. Thank you, BNI Foundation, for your generosity. You are doing so much good for so many."

Sarah Stockham

Fifth Grade Teacher ─ Glendora, CA, School District, USA

"Our students would like to thank you for the kind donation which allowed us to purchase a Robotics kit. The students engaged in the activity with great enthusiasm and success. We are now planning to extend the program throughout all year levels in the school."

Jenny Strene

Principal, Halidon Primary School ─ Perth, Western Australia

"My feet have not touched the ground since Saturday night, and I can tell you I really didn’t need an aircraft to fly me back to Dublin, I could have flown back all by myself. Words cannot describe the experience of Saturday night or even come close to trying to tell everyone back home what happened after dessert when you stepped on stage and announced that you wanted to raise some money for the charity I am involved with “Action Ireland Trust.” No one could have guessed the outcome to have raised £12,645 in 20 minutes is extraordinary. I could not sleep that night with excitement and the calls kept coming in from the board members of Action Ireland for hours, they were speechless."

Mary Eastwood

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We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like further information on any of the aspects of the BNI Foundation - UK Affiliate, then one of the trustees would be more than happy to help. 

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