Member Traffic Lights

First and foremost, the member traffic lights are a tool to help you get the most out of your BNI membership. We know that if members follow the tried and tested BNI system and carry out the activities recommended by BNI, then they get better results. And so the member traffic lights help you as a member to review how you’re contributing to your chapter and to pinpoint any areas where you could be more effective in helping your chapter colleagues. After all, Givers Gain, so the more you are able to contribute to the chapter, the more they will want to help you in return.

Based on a traffic light system, where top performing members are rated in green down to those with the most room for improvement  in grey, here’s the average business value that members bring to a chapter:

Colour Banding Average Thank You for the Business
Green £39,494
Amber £29,297
Red £15,475
Grey £4,922
Based on analysis of UK/Ireland figures at 1st March 2013

The factors that contribute to your results in the member traffic lights are:

  • Attendance: BNI is about building relationships to generate business, so if you (or a sub in the cases you can’t make it yourself) attend meetings each week, you will get to learn more about your fellow members’ businesses and therefore be in a stronger position to refer them. To get maximum points: never miss a meeting without a substitute.
  • Referrals per Week:  The key focus of the BNI meeting is to pass qualified referrals. This simply measures your average referral contribution per week. To get maximum points: pass at least 5 referrals per month.
  • Thank you for the Business: Obviously the goal is for referrals to turn into business. So this measures the value of the referrals that you have passed to fellow members based entirely on what they have invoiced for. To get maximum points: be thanked for over £1,250 of closed business per month.
  • Visitors per Week: Visitors are the lifeblood of any chapter. While not all visitors will become members of the chapter, every visitor is a potential client and referral source for every member of the chapter. This simply measures how many visitors you are bringing per meeting. To get maximum points: bring 2 visitors per month.
  • Testimonials per Week: One of the best ways to help your fellow members is by providing a good written testimonial verifying the quality of their service when they have done some work for you. This increases the confidence of the other members in that member and makes them feel more comfortable in referring business to them. To get maximum points: bring one written testimonial every 6 months.
  • Training: You may have heard it said that you need to learn more to earn more. And in BNI that is definitely the case. Training workshops are a key resource to help you learn how to find more referrals for your fellow members and also how to make it easier for them to refer business to you. And let’s not forget the networking opportunities that arise at the training sessions. To get maximum points: attend at least one BNI training session every 2 months.
  • 1-1s: Building good relationships is the fundamental building block to be able to refer business to one another. Having a 1-1 meeting with one of your chapter colleagues will help you strengthen the trust between you so that you feel comfortable sharing your contacts with each other. To get maximum points: have at least 1 1-1s every 2 weeks.

So take a look inside and see how you’re doing and what small steps you can take today to get more from your membership.

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